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Founded in 1866, Contemporary Review is a scholarly journal published quarterly. Contemporary Review Company Ltd. owns and publishes this journal, and its editorial headquarters is in Oxford, United Kingdom.Contemporary Review covers a number of topics, including politics, international affairs, literature, art and art history. Its region and its audience are international. Dr. Richard Mullen is the editor; Dr. Alex Kerr is the managing editor; Dr. James Munson is the literary editor; and Anselma Bruce is the associate editor. James LoGerfo, Robin Findlay and Charles Foster are the editorial advisers.

Articles from Vol. 267, No. 1554, July

Britain in Facts and Figures
A passion for statistics is one of Great Britain's most important legacies from the Victorian era. Victorians were the first to collect, collate and compare statistics. They did so to chart their phenomenal success as the world's first industrialised...
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Dubai's Wealth and the Greening of the Emirates
The Arabian Gulf's main trading centre, Dubai, handles around a third of that region's $50 billion in non-petroleum trade. Called the 'Hong Kong of the Gulf', it is the Arabian Peninsula's leading entrepot - the last stronghold of anything goes capitalism....
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Picture Galleries outside London: The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge
Editor's Note: Many of the finest Art Galleries in Britain are outside London. We begin this occasional series on these galleries in the hope that our readers may read of old favourites and be inspired to discover new ones. It will be generally conceded...
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South Africa and the Commonwealth Part One: The Years of Acrimony
On 1 June 1994 the Republic of South Africa was officially readmitted to the Commonwealth of Nations after a hiatus of 33 years, becoming, in the process, the organisation's fifty-first member. A ceremony celebrating the country's return to the fold...
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The Atom Bomb as a Solution?
The two atom bombs released over Japan in August 1945, fifty years ago, changed the course of history. The catastrophes provided the Japanese with a convenient excuse for 'bearing the unbearable', for breaking off hostilities without too great an agony...
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The Forest of Dean Today
The Forest plateau is bounded by the lower reaches of the Severn to the east and by the Wye on the west. Mammoths and Hippos roamed the Wye Valley before the dawn of known history. It is now the haunt of canoeists. It was an area very much cut off from...
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The Great Hungarian Novel: A 20th-Century Classic
Miklos Banffy's trilogy, The Writing on the Wall, which tells the story of Hungary in the last years of peace before the Great War of 1914, was published in Hungarian between 1934 and 1940 and, as it has not previously been translated into any other...
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The New Law of the Sea
The new law of the sea came into effect on 16 November 1994. It is one of the most ambitious treaties in the history of the United Nations. The sea is too easily taken for granted. All the world's population - including people living a long way from...
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