Contemporary Review

Founded in 1866, Contemporary Review is a scholarly journal published quarterly. Contemporary Review Company Ltd. owns and publishes this journal, and its editorial headquarters is in Oxford, United Kingdom.Contemporary Review covers a number of topics, including politics, international affairs, literature, art and art history. Its region and its audience are international. Dr. Richard Mullen is the editor; Dr. Alex Kerr is the managing editor; Dr. James Munson is the literary editor; and Anselma Bruce is the associate editor. James LoGerfo, Robin Findlay and Charles Foster are the editorial advisers.

Articles from Vol. 271, No. 1583, December

A.L. Rowse: In Memoriam
Only the other day, in my seaside resort of Southport, Merseyside, I was enlivened by some tangy Cornish accents, in a local cafe. On inquiry, these agreeably proved to be the speech of an elderly couple, from St. Austell in Cornwall. Yes, indeed, they...
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Blair's Scotland: Excitement and Uncertainty
Neither Scotland nor the United Kingdom can ever be the same again after the collapse of the Conservative Government last May, when the Tories lost all their Scottish seats. In the post-election mood it was an all but foregone conclusion that Tony Blair's...
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England, Whose England?
Whatever Tony Blair may have to say about it, it is getting harder and harder not to think of England in terms of Dr Who and The Archers on one side and political 'sleaze' on the other. They all seem in search of an identity. Dr Who tries Time Travel...
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Picture Galleries outside London: The Barber Institute, Birmingham
Edgbaston is a seemly suburb of Birmingham, almost out of sight of the tower-blocks and smoke-stacks, the gas-holders and Victorian spires, which share the sky-line of the red-brick and concrete inner city. The Barber Institute lies there, tawny and...
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Princess Diana's Funeral: A Personal Journey
Editor's Note: The most emotional event of 1997 was the death and funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales. It is appropriate therefore to end our coverage of the year with the reflections of one of our readers who flew to London to attend the funeral. I...
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Women's Health Issues in Kenya
According to an article published in Africa Confidential in May 1996, the United Nations Development Fund claims that women do about 65 per cent of the work in agriculture, the main economic activity in Kenya. Women are more likely to vote (by 20-30...
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