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Articles from November-December

A Primer on U.S. Stock Price Indices
The measurement of the "average" price of common stocks is a matter of widespread interest. Investors want to know how "the market" is doing, and to be able to compare their returns with a meaningful benchmark. Money managers often have their compensation...
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Beyond Shocks: What Causes Business Cycles? an Overview
In the summer of 1997, when the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston selected the topic for its forty-second annual economic conference, many pundits were asking: "Is the business cycle dead, or at least permanently dampened?" By the time the Bank's conference...
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The Effects of Employer-Provided Severance Benefits on Reemployment Outcomes
Surveys have shown that many employers offer severance packages to their laid-off workers and that severance pay provides substantial income for many people displaced from long-time jobs. Yet little, if anything, is known about the effects of severance...
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