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Articles from Vol. 160, No. 09, August 27

A Cafe for the Ages
Byline: Vivian Salama A symbol of continuity and perseverance, a Swiss patisserie in Cairo has served nobility and revolutionaries coffee and cakes. A short stroll from Tahrir Square, down a narrow, bustling street, a flaneur may stumble upon...
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A Chinese Vision of Tibet
Byline: Rob Verger Happy lamas, sacred snows, and nary a dissident in sight. On an evening in late July, on a 12th-floor gallery space at the Asian Cultural Center in Manhattan, a crowd gathered for the opening of an exhibition featuring 70 beautiful,...
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A Friend for Julian Assange
Byline: Mac Margolis But what's in it for Ecuador's President Correa? In his more than five years as Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa has seized foreign assets, picked fights with political adversaries, and bullied the local media. His tempestuous...
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Brides for Sale
Byline: Melanie Kirkpatrick How human traffickers are cashing in on the Chinese market for North Korean women--and how some victims escape. Steven Kim, an American businessman from Long Island, New York, may be the world's leading expert on the...
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Graft or Guanxi?
Byline: Melinda Liu A bribery probe casts a spotlight on an ancient Chinese term. A strange mix of glitz and sleaze, Macau is the only city in China where gambling is legal. To many, the former Portuguese colony has become the Las Vegas of the...
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Morocco to the Moon
Byline: Alice Feiring In search of the world's most unusual wine regions. Years back, when Napa winemaker Michael Mondavi told me that he would love to make wine on the moon, I thought, Michael, you are one crazy dude. Historically, there...
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The City: Jeddah
Byline: Abdo Khal Abdo Khal on a maternal metropolis that's nurturing--and coveted. Can anyone claim to live inside a song? I can make such a claim, because Jeddah is a song whose existence rests on the melodies of the Hejaz, the western coastal...
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