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Articles from Vol. 158, No. 21, November 21

A Stagnant Union Let Down by Its Leaders
Byline: Gordon Brown; Gordon Brown was prime minister of Britain from 2007 to 2010. Europe is losing the global game--and lurching to a new nadir. The poet Shelley once said of an elderly relative that he had "lost the art of communication but...
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Dueling Manifestos
Byline: Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau A Taliban letter sounds a newly moderate note while the Haqqani faction puts out a how-to book for jihad. As most Taliban begin to hunker down in far-flung villages or pull back to safe havens inside Pakistan,...
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Holy Middle Class!
Byline: Owen Matthews; With Anna Nemtsova in Moscow Moscow's Gorky Park used to be a place to avoid. Now it's a magnet for the Russian bourgeoisie. Gorky Park is famous for many things, not many of them good. For Muscovites, their city's biggest...
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Imran Khan
Byline: Isaac Stone Fish The popular Pakistani politician and former cricket player talks about what's next in Afghanistan, what his country can learn from China, and the fallout from the U.S. raid on Osama bin Laden. Can you explain how you...
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Not Just Any Old Charlatan
Byline: Barbie Latza Nadeau Silvio Berlusconi embodies Italy's greatest weaknesses and its worst instincts. They are going to miss him when he's gone. Though few Italians may admit it openly, Silvio Berlusconi is quintessentially one of them....
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The City: Casablanca
Tahar Ben Jelloun on Morocco's white city by the sea. If it were a book, it would be badly written but for a few sublime pages of surrealistic poetry. It would be a manuscript that an Arab aristocrat let fall into the hands of illiterate bandits....
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The Smokin' Joe I Know
Joe Frazier, who died last week, may be known for battling Muhammad Ali, but the Heavyweight champ was also thoughtful and improbably sweet. As every sportswriter knows, boxers make the best subjects. There are two reasons for this. One is that...
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The Voice of Treason
Byline: Isaac Stone Fish China's most famous dissident artist, Ai Weiwei, speaks out about the ordeal of his Detention. Seven months ago, Chinese police detained the country's most prominent artist, Ai Weiwei, at the airport and drove him to...
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What Made the Spooks Disappear
They were simultaneously shadowy and larger than life--but now they're gone. America doesn't make spies like Jim Thompson anymore--if that's what he was. No one could ever be quite sure. But CIA operatives and U.S. Army commanders were prominent...
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