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Articles from Vol. 155, No. 07, February 15

Beyond Gadgets
Byline: Daniel Lyons Silicon Valley is experiencing one of its periodic spasms of hype and zaniness over the Next Big Thing from Apple, in this case a new tablet computer that people hope will reshape the media industry, save newspapers, change...
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Farms with Frills
Byline: Jerry Guo I'm trying to chase down sheep at 80 kilometers per hour in an ATV, and it's not working. That's not to say that the sheep are fast. Rather, I'm just inept at corralling these white fluff balls, who hop out of the way whenever...
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Hatoyama's To-Do List
Byline: Peter Tasker Japan can come back. Here's how. You are a little-known politician who has stirred the public with promises of change. You win a thumping elec-toral victory. You succeed a tired and discredited administration whose policies...
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Japan Doesn't Get It
Byline: Katie Baker One of the most striking turns in the fall of Toyota is how the recall scandal is playing with much of the Japanese public: as a bewildering American frenzy. Yes, they are concerned about the recall, but many assume Americans...
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Robert B. Zoellick: Helping Africa Grow
Byline: Jerry Guo Since the financial crisis hit, the World Bank has provided a record $89 billion to support development initiatives around the world. Much of this funding has gone to Africa, a special focus of president Robert B. Zoellick, a U.S....
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The End of Switzerland
Byline: Denis Macshane The economic crisis and rising xenophobia are breaking down the great Swiss myths and undoing this once unique model nation. In the third man, Orson Welles famously mocks Switzerland by saying, "Five hundred years of democracy...
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The Euro Zone Won't Fail
Byline: Stefan Theil Why crisis will only make it stronger. Speculators have begun betting on an early euro-zone exit by Greece, a politically corrupt, basket-case country that has long cooked its government-debt figures and now faces years of...
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The Road to Recovery
Byline: Joshua Kurlantzick How Haiti can learn from Indonesia. As rescue workers frantically try to save Haiti's injured, comfort its newly orphaned children, and prevent full-scale riots over supplies of food and water, few have had time to...
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The Shock Doctrine in Haiti
Byline: Katie Paul Bottom feeders follow closely on the heels of disaster. After Hurricane Katrina, private security contractors landed in New Orleans to guard against looters. After the Indian Ocean tsunami, Asian governments pushed aside coastal...
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