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Articles from Vol. 153, No. 24, June 15

India's Goldilocks Globalization
Byline: Arvind Subramanian; Subramanian is a senior fellow at The Peterson Institute for International Economics. The Congress Party's big win in the recent Indian election was a double surprise. Recent Indian politics have featured a strong strain...
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Letters: The Quiet Revolutionary
Rahul Gandhi and his reshaping of the Congress party will take India up, up, up. Mayawati would have taken India down, down, down. Rakesh B. Dass, New Delhi, India As his party commands an immense popular mandate, the charismatic Rahul Gandhi...
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'Not the Same America'
The day after President Barack Obama's speech in Cairo offering a "new beginning" in relations between the United States and the Muslim world, NEWSWEEK'S Christopher Dickey sat down with the foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, Prince Saud al-Faisal,...
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Overstaying Their Welcome
Byline: Adam B. Kushner Critics of former president Bush's democracy-promotion agenda say he confused liberal ends (good government) with liberal means (elections). After all, leaders can use elections to perpetuate bad governments. In mature democracies,...
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Shanghai Surprise
Byline: Rana Foroohar; Foroohar Is International Business Editor. China backs its own global market. There has been buzz lately in Asia that Hong Kong may become a has-been. As the global financial crisis gathered speed last year, Hong Kong looked...
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Byline: Jason Overdorf and Sudip Mazumdar He may be shy, but his 100-day plan for India is strikingly bold. For much of the past 15 years, Indian politics were so chaotic that a prime minister would spend most of his first 100 days focused on...
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The Spy in Your Hand
Byline: Benjamin Sutherland Don't talk: your cell phone may be eavesdropping. Thanks to recent developments in "spy phone" software, a do-it-yourself spook can now wirelessly transfer a wiretapping program to any mobile phone. The programs are inexpensive,...
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Western Brands Face Competition from the Upstarts
Byline: Sameer Reddy One hallmark of newfound wealth in the developing world has been the embrace of Western luxury labels. But since the global economy fell apart last fall, the moneyed classes in India, the Middle East, China, Brazil and Russia...
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