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Articles from Vol. 55, No. 1, September

College Expectations of Rural Appalachian Youth: An Exploration of Social Cognitive Career Theory Factors
An examination of social cognitive career theory (SCCT; R. W. Lent, S. D. Brown, & G. Hackett, 1994, 2000) factors contributing to the college expectations of high school students (N = 87) in rural Appalachia was conducted. Hierarchical multiple...
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Diverse Pathways of Psychology Majors: Vocational Interests, Self-Efficacy, and Intentions
The authors examine the differences in vocational interests and self-efficacy of 254 undergraduate psychology majors organized by 7 career intention groups (e.g., psychological research). The explanatory power of individual General Occupational Themes...
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Frank Parsons's Enablers: Pauline Agassiz Shaw, Meyer Bloomfield, and Ralph Albertson
Frank Parsons was not the 1st American to recognize or address the need tor vocational guidance. Why he, rather than his predecessors, is credited with initiating the field can be attributed to the largely overlooked contributions of 3 other persons:...
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Racial/Ethnic Minority Vocational Research: A Content and Trend Analysis across 36 Years
The authors examined 281 racial/ethnic minority (REM) career-related studies published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior, The Career Development Quarterly (CDQ), the Journal of Career Assessment (JCA), and the Journal of Career Development between...
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Reactions to Job Content Plateaus: Examining Role Ambiguity and Hierarchical Plateaus as Moderators
Plateauing research often reveals a negative relationship between job content plateauing (i.e., lacking challenge in one's job) and work attitudes. This study explores situations where job content plateauing is associated with fewer negative work attitudes,...
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Spirituality, Religion, and Career Development: Current Status and Future Directions
The growing interest in the role that spirituality and religion play in mental health has spawned research investigating the relationships between spirituality, religion, and career development. To date, only a limited number of studies have explored...
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The Effects of Simultaneous Developmental Processes: Factors Relating to the Career Development of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth
C. Hetherington (1991) hypothesized that lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) adolescents may experience a "bottleneck effect" in career development because of internal psychological energy focusing on issues surrounding sexual identity. This assertion has...
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