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Articles from Vol. 91, No. 1, March

Middleman: Antoine Watteau and Les Charmes De la Vie
Les charmes de la vie, the portrayal of an intimate music party set on a majestic terrace, painted about 1717 (Fig. 1), is the sort of picture for which Antoine Watteau is best known: a fite galante, or depiction of an open-air social gathering of fashionable...
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The Sultan's Authority: Delacroix, Painting, and Politics at the Salon of 1845
The Battle of Isly was for M. Delacroix a wholly natural occasion to show the crowd [one of] these great equestrian portraits, the sketch for which he had brought back long ago, at the time of his voyage in Morocco. Thus, the Battle of IsIy has at least...
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