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Articles from Vol. 90, No. 4, December

In Form We Trust: Neoplatonism, the Gold Standard, and the Machine Art Show, 1934
In the spring of 1934, Alfred H. Barr Jr., the first director of New York's new Museum of Modern Art, saw one of his primary goals for the museum fulfilled: the incorporation of everyday objects of industrial design into the institution's exhibition...
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Interventions: Decentering Modernism: Art History and Avant-Garde Art from the Periphery/Response: Thoughts on Difference in India and Elsewhere/Response: Provincializing Modernity: From Derivative to Foundational/Response: Belonging to Modernism/Response: Modernism in India: A Short History of a Blush/Interventions: The Author Replies
With the collapse of earlier certainties, the last two decades have witnessed serious soul-searching among art historians about the future of the discipline. This is strikingly expressed by Hans Belting in two of his theoretical works-one with the melancholy...
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The Body of Eve in Andrea Pisano's Creation Relief
Few themes are so fraught with social, moral, and political significance as the Creation. To this day, the Genesis stories of God creating man and woman are read, and misread, by the faithful as confirming the positions of their church about personal...
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The Subversion of Gravity in Jackson Pollock's Abstractions
While implementing the Surrealist directive of eliciting the unconscious, and intent on generating an extensive vocabulary of unbroken, free-flowing lines, Jackson Pollock felt his ambitions frustrated by two constraints endemic to conventional easel...
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