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Articles from Vol. 92, No. 3, September

Aegyptus Redacta: The Egyptian Obelisk in the Augustan Campus Martius
(ProQuest: ... denotes non-USASCII text omitted.)The Montecitorio Obelisk, a Late Period Egyptian monument brought to Rome in 10 BCE by the emperor Augustus and placed in the Campus Manius, formed a centerpiece in the city of brick Augustus remade...
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Circles of Creation: The Invention of Maya Cartography in Early Colonial Yucatán
In March 1842, after six months spent surveying the ancient Maya ruins of Guatemala and southern Mexico. American lawyer and amateur explorer John Lloyd Stephens (1805-1852) and his expedition team emerged from the overgrown forest of central Yucatán...
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Ed Ruscha, Pop Art, and Spectatorship in 1960s Los Angeles
Ed Ruscha first visited New York ( "in in 1961 . While staying .11 the Hotel Governor Clinton near Pennsylvania Station, he made a drawing of the Twentieth Century-Fox corporate logo in ballpoint pen on the hotel's stationery.' In this work, entitled...
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Giandomenico Tiepolo's Il Mondo Nuovo: Peep Shows and the "Politics of Nostalgia"
Giandomenico Tiepolo's Fresco Il mondo nuovo, preserved today in Venice's Ca' Rezzonico museum of eighteenth-century art, is a paradoxical and spellbinding image (Fig. 1). The composition, signed and dated "Dome / Tiepolo f. / 1791" on a trompe l'oeil...
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Material Futures: Reproducing Revolution in P.-L. Debucourt's Almanach National
The work, the process, the manner and the effbn ol the effect obtained, escape and hide with him; what he engraves, the scenes thai he jots on the copper, have the lightness, the spun ola brush. . . . the pricks of light, the liiilc· celebrations, the...
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Reviews Online
January-March 2010ART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO AND SAINT LOUIS ART MUSEUM. Beyond Golden Clouds: Japanese Screens from the Art Institute of Chicago and the Saint Louis Art Museum. Exh. rev. Reviewed by Helen M. Nagata.ASTON, NIGEL. Art and Religion in Eighteenth-Century...
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Rioting Refigured: George Henry Hall and the Picturing of American Political Violence
In 1858, the American painter George Henry Hall (18251913) cumpleted A Dead Rabbit (Study of the Nude or Study of an Irishman), a stunning picture of a semidressed Irish gang member leaning against a masonry wall (Fig. 1).1 Inspired by New York's Dead...
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