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Articles from Vol. 45, No. 3, September

A Failure of Imagination: R.G. Casey and Australian Plans for Counter-Subversion in Asia, 1954-1956
This article is a study of some aspects of the non-military response of the Menzies government to the decolonisation of the european empires and the cold war in Asia. In the mid-1950s R.G. Casey the Minister for External Affairs, was given responsibility...
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Australian Governments and Automotive Manufacturing, 1919-1939
In recent years the progressive lowering of tariff barriers in Australia has produced a predictable backlash from those who are directly affected. The reaction, however, extends to academics and others who have no pecuniary interest in the outcome,...
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Model Workers or Hardened Nazis? the Australian Debate about Admitting German Migrants, 1950-1952
Immigration policies implemented in the early 1950s by the Menzies government embraced several principles defined by the postwar Labor government, trying to accommodate employers, unions, veterans and ethnic voters within a framework of international...
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Policy Reform and the Politics of Housing in the British Conservative Party 1924-1929
This paper examines an important period in the development of the modern British Conservative Party. The changing patterns of electoral support in the first decade after the first world war required the Conservatives to recast their policies to appeal...
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Re-Interpreting Cultural Nationalism
This article reviews standard and recent interpretations of cultural nationalism. It rejects "invention of tradition" perspectives, and assumptions that it is a surrogate statist movement, concerned with cultural homogeneity, that it is archaising...
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The Early Use of Radio for Political Communication in Australia and Canada: John Henry Austral, Mr Sage and the Man from Mars
The comparative study of electioneering is an emerging field. One of its driving concerns has been to chart the "Americanisation" or convergence of campaigning methods employed in very different settings. Sometimes the assumption is made that this...
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The Rise and Fall of the Australian Women's Bureau
Policy textbooks often overlook the importance of international borrowing in their accounts of the policy process. Analysis of feminist policy influence also tends to neglect the international dimension of the opportunity structure and the leverage...
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Treaties and Intergovernmental Relations in Australia: Political Implications of the Toonen Case
This article explores the political implications of the Toonen case for studies of Australian federalism. The case involved a finding by the United Nations Human Fights Committee that Tasmania's anti-gay laws breached Australia's human rights obligations,...
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