Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources

A quarterly that describes and reviews print and audiovisual resources in wome.'s studies. Contains book, film, and video reviews, guides to recent bibliographies, and reference works, electronic resources, and materials such as pamphlets, reports, or rar

Articles from Vol. 27, No. 2-3, Spring

Books and Audio-Visual Materials Received
THE AGE OF THE WORLD TARGET: SELF-REFERENTIALITY IN WAR, THEORY, AND COMPARATIVE WORK. Chow, Rey. Duke University Press, 2006. THE BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF SCOTTISH WOMEN. Ewan, Elizabeth and others, eds. Edinburgh University Press, 2006. A...
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E-Sources on Women and Gender
Our website (http://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/WomensStudies/) includes all recent issues of this column, plus many bibliographies, a database of women-focused videos, and links to hundreds of other websites by topic. Information about electronic...
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From the Editors
We hear a lot these days about feminism being passe. If you think not, just try Googling feminism passe, and look at some of the 266,000 hits. Has feminism outlived its usefulness? Not in the view of our contributors and the works they describe...
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Items of Note
The InteLex Corporation, in association with the Oxford University Press, will soon be adding THE LIFE AND WRITINGS OF LADY MARY WORTLEY MONTAGU to its PAST MASTERS: WOMEN WRITERS collection. Montagu was an eighteenth-century English traveler and author...
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Reproductive Rights in the Blogosphere: A Review of Blogs
Reproductive rights have long been a hot topic among feminist bloggers, but early 2006 brought a dramatic increase in individual blogs and blog postings related to the subject. The appointment of two conservative, "pro-life" justices to the Supreme...
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Round-Up: Blogging Women's Studies
Last year, Feminist Collections published "Blog This! An Introduction to Blogs, Blogging, and the Feminist Blogosphere," by Vicki Tobias (v.26, nos.2-3, Winter-Spring 2005). That article is online at http://www.library.wisc.edu/libraries/WomensStudies/fc/fcblogs1.htm....
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Special Issues of Periodicals
ACADEMIC PSYCHIATRY v.28, no.4 (December 2004): Special feature: "Women's Professional Development in Psychiatry." ISSN: 1042-9670. Guest ed.: Anna Lembke. Publ.: American Psychiatric Publishing, Inc., 1000 Wilson Blvd., Suite, 1825, Arlington, VA...
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Zines from the Stacks: Self-Published Tracts from Lady Library Workers
Librarians interested in alternative publications have been getting together in the past few years to help each other create, organize, and manage collections of the ephemeral and unique materials known as zines. Designed in some ways to completely...
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