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Articles from Vol. 77, No. 4, Fall

Pentecostalism beyond Belief: Trust and Democracy in a Malawian Township
ABSTRACT The concept of belief, when applied in its strong sense, assumes an inner state that sets believers apart from non-believers. This article suggests that a concept of trust is more appropriate for the study of the religious orientation among...
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Practices of Relatedness and the Re-Invention of Duol as a Network of Care for Orphans and Widows in Western Kenya
ABSTRACT Duol is a term used in reference to traditional Luo life to signify unity and solidarity within a lineage under the authority of the elders. This authority was most prominent in the pre-colonial period, and continued up to independence....
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The Cwezi-Kubandwa Debate: Gender, Hegemony and Pre-Colonial Religion in Bunyoro, Western Uganda
ABSTRACT The Cwezi-kubandwa cult was the most prominent form of religious belief in the interlacustrine region of East Africa during the pre-colonial period. It has long been regarded as providing ideological support to monarchical regimes across...
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The Teso Insurgency Remembered: Churches, Burials and Propriety
ABSTRACT From 1986 to 1993 the Teso region of eastern Uganda experienced a violent insurgency. The insurgency was remembered as a time of brutality, when norms of respect and reciprocity were broken down. Younger men targeted and killed older men,...
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Violence, Sacrifice and Chiefship in Central Equatoria, Southern Sudan
ABSTRACT This article explores specific oral histories and chiefship debates in the aftermath of the SPLA war in two Southern Sudanese chiefdoms. It argues that these local histories reveal much about the historical relationship between state and...
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What Came First, the Nation or the State? Political Process in the Comoro Islands
ABSTRACT The widespread failure of the post-colonial state in Africa is often attributed to a lack of social and cultural unity, and hence of national identity, in the territories in question. In Europe the state has historically been conceptualized...
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