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Articles from Vol. 76, No. 1, Winter

African Socialisms and Postsocialisms
In the 1980s, historic political and economic shifts dealt a fatal blow to the foundational pillars of socialist systems worldwide. Unable to respond to the challenges from within and without to their attempted monopolization of economic and political...
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Defending the People's Railway in the Era of Liberalization: TAZARA in Southern Tanzania
ABSTRACT When the services of the TAZARA railway in Tanzania were threatened with cutbacks in the 1980s and 1990s, rural community leaders wrote petitions of protest to district-level officials. In these petitions, they complained that railway decision-making...
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Diagnosing the Crisis in the Republic of Congo
ABSTRACT In 1991 in the Republic of Congo, a sovereign national conference in Brazzaville inaugurated a peaceful transition from socialist one-party government to multi-party democracy. The pluralization of public voices in the newly liberalized...
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Forgetting from above and Memory from Below: Strategies of Legitimation and Struggle in Postsocialist Mozambique
ABSTRACT This article examines two opposing strategies--one used by government officials and businesses, the other expressed by urban workers--that have emerged in postsocialist Mozambique. On the one hand, government officials and businesses have...
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Making a Living in the Postsocialist Periphery: Struggles between Farmers and Traders in Konso, Ethiopia
ABSTRACT This article explores the experience of one village in Ethiopia since the overthrow of the Marxist-Leninist Derg regime in 1991. The new government introduced policies that have much in common with those dominating the international geopolitical...
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Sung and Unsung: Musical Reflections on Tanzanian Postsocialisms
ABSTRACT On 14 October 1999, Julius Kambarage Nyerere, the first president of the United Republic of Tanzania, died in a London hospital. In Tanzania, musical bands throughout the country reacted to the news by composing scores of lamentation songs...
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