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Articles from Vol. 78, No. 1, Winter

A New Name for an Old Practice: Vigilantes in South-Western Nigeria
ABSTRACT It is often considered probable that the recent rise of vigilante groups in Nigeria means an erosion of the state monopoly of legitimate violence as well as a marked decline in state sovereignty over the national territory. However, this...
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Gender, Hisba and the Enforcement of Morality in Northern Nigeria
ABSTRACT Vigilantism is a term often used to describe any form of policing and ordering that is non-state, and under analysis 'vigilantism' has often emerged as negative, associated with violence and violation of individual rights. However, a closer...
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Introduction the Politics of Protection: Perspectives on Vigilantism in Nigeria
Vigilantism has become an endemic feature of the Nigerian social and political landscape. The emergence of night guards and vigilante groups as popular responses to theft and armed robbery has a long and varied history in Nigeria. Since the return...
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Social Mobilization and Collective Violence: Vigilantes and Militias in the Lowlands of Plateau State, Central Nigeria
ABSTRACT The collective violence in rural areas of southern and central Plateau State between June 2002 and May 2004 was accompanied by widespread social mobilization and heightened ethnic and religious divisions. Vigilantes adapted to the new insecurity...
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The Search for Security in Muslim Northern Nigeria
ABSTRACT The article puts forwards the argument that there is a pervasive anxiety among Muslims over their security, both physical and spiritual, in today's northern Nigeria. It is an anxiety partly millenarian, partly political, that seeks to recreate...
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'The Thief Eats His Shame': Practice and Power in Nigerian Vigilantism
ABSTRACT Contemporary Nigerian vigilantism concerns a range of local and global dynamics beyond informal justice. It is a lens on the politics of post-colonial Africa, on the current political economy of Nigeria, and on its most intractable issues--the...
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'Without Women, Nothing Can Succeed': Yoruba Women in the Oodua People's Congress (OPC), Nigeria
ABSTRACT This article examines the role of women in the politics of the Oodua People's Congress (OPC), a militant ethno-nationalist movement of the Yoruba people in south-west Nigeria. Women's inclusion in the organizational structure and their...
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