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Articles from Vol. 72, No. 1, Winter

Creolisation in Secret the Birth of Nationalism in Late Colonial Uluguru, Tanzania
The following reflections on nationalism in late colonial Tanganyika are meant as a contribution to a historical rethinking of African politics, a rethinking that is needed to elaborate alternative languages of power and political communion for...
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Matan Bariki, `Women of the Barracks' Muslim Hausa Women in an Urban Neighbourhood in Northern Nigeria
Since the 1970s there have been several studies of Hausa women in northern Nigerian cities (e.g. Pittin, 1979; Coles, 1983; Knipp, 1987). Cities were chosen for research because they supposedly contain a wider range of female roles and activities...
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Patronage, Millennialism and the Serpent God Mumbo in South-West Kenya, 1912-34
From 1914 to 1934 the creed of Mumbo, the serpent god of Lake Victoria, extended across south-west Kenya. Mumbo condemned Christianity as rotten and vowed to cleanse the land of white people--colonial officials and missionaries--and their lackeys--chiefs...
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Stronger Than the Maxim Gun: Law, Human Rights and British Colonial Hegemony in Nigeria
Until relatively recently the dominant paradigm for explaining the paradox of the colonial project in Africa was deemed simple and self evident: European imperialists masked the real motives for acquiring colonies--exploitation of economic resources,...
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`The Daughter She Will Eat Agousie in the World of the Spirits' Witchcraft Confessions in Missionised Onitsha, Nigeria
BACKGROUND TO CONFESSION By 1890 the Church Missionary Society (Anglican) mission in Onitsha--a town in what would soon become the Southern Nigerian Protectorate--was over twenty years old and in deep trouble. Staffed by a group of Sierra Leoneans,...
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`War Is Good for Thieving!' the Symbiosis of Crime and Warfare among the Kuria of Tanzania
Among the agro-pastoral Kuria people, whose population straddles the border between Tanzania and Kenya, many young men are actively engaged in an illicit livestock trade in which cattle stolen in Tanzania--A mainly from other Kuria, but from neighbouring...
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