Strategic Review for Southern Africa

Strategic Review for Southern Africa is a magazine specializing in Defense topics.

Articles from Vol. 27, No. 2, November

6/2005: Challenges in Modern Warfare *
1. INTRODUCTION The challenges of globalisation are continually intensifying and creating a more complicated global interconnectedness resulting in a greater internationalisation whilst simultaneously creating disconnectedness mainly among the emerging...
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New Terrorism or New Perceptions? Some Observations regarding Changing Views on Terror
ABSTRACT In this article, the concept of new or seemingly new perceptions regarding terrorism is analysed, with specific reference to the United Nations, the United States and recent South African anti-terror legislation. Whereas much of the recent...
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Recent Publications/resente Publikasies
(A complete list of ISSUP publications is available on request/ 'n Volledige lys van ISSUP-publikasies is op aanvraag beskikbaar) Contact: The Director Institute for Strategic Studies University of Pretoria PRETORIA 0002 SOUTH AFRICA...
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