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Professional journal of the National Association of Business Economists covering topics such as macro and microeconomics, monetary and fiscal policy, business forecasting, international economics, and deregulation.

Articles from Vol. 40, No. 1, January

Business and the Environment: Is There More to the Story? Evidence of Good Environmental Stewardship Is More Extensive Than Most Economists and Executives Recognize
Actions taken to improve the environment are frequently good for profits, but many executives, including economists, are not fully aware of just how good business's environmental record is. As a result, they often have difficulty responding to critics....
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From the Editor
The recipient of NABE's annual Adam Smith Award is selected by NABE's president. The award is "based upon leadership in the profession and the use of ideas and knowledge in the workplace and policy arena." In 2004, the award went to Lawrence R. Klein,...
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Inflation Targeting
NABE has been privileged three times to participate in early discussions of "inflation targeting" by top Federal Reserve officials--Governor Ben S. Bernanke (2003) at the March 2003 NABE Washington Economic Policy Conference, (1) Philadelphia Federal...
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Initial Steps in High-Frequency Modeling of China: Results Are Promising and Informative
This paper presents the first step in building a forecasting model of China's GDP. Being constrained by a statistical history that effectively begins in 1993, it uses high frequency data and principal components analysis to construct a single-equation...
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Key Issues for Monetary Policy: An ECB View; the ECB Must Provide a Foundation of Stability That Withstands the Forces of Structural Change
The European single currency, the euro, has become a visible and successful token of Europeans' drive towards unification. It was born in an era in which high-speed structural change tests the validity of economic models and defies searches for standard...
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NABE: Looking for Balance between Services and Professionalism; Is NABE Going to Be a Professional Organization, a Membership Organization, or a Hybrid?
It has been some time since presidential addresses have examined NABE as an association. Since there have been important structural changes in NABE, and others are looming, it seems like an appropriate time for a reexamination. One of the key questions...
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The Adam Smith Award Address, 2004: Global Macroeconometric Forecasting Using 21st Century Information and Analysis
Much of what Adam Smith said in 1776 remains fresh today--particularly on the trade-off between "guns and butter." It is safe to say, however, that he did not anticipate macroeconometric modeling for forecasting and policy analysis. From its beginnings...
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The Federal Deficit and the National Debt: Why They Matter More Than We Think
Using historical data from the Office of Management and Budget, the Congressional Budget Office, and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the author argues that that the current method of expressing the federal deficit and/or...
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The Global Market for Water Treatment Products
The global demand for water treatment products should rise at 6.6 percent per year between 2002 and 2007 and reach almost $35 billion by the end of that period. China will record the highest rate of growth among major markets with a 17 percent annual...
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