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The Christian Science Monitor is a national weekly print newspaper published by the Christian Science Publishing Society and owned by the First Church of Christ, Scientist. The paper was a daily until March, 2009; currently the website is updated daily. First published in 1908, the Christian Science Monitor is headquartered in Boston, Mass.The average age of a Christian Science Monitor reader is 59, and 61 percent of the readers are women. The average household income of the newspapers readers is just under $94,000; over 72 percent have a four-year college degree and more than 40 percent have a post-graduate degree. It covers national and international news. The Christian Science Monitor is not a religious paper. The Christian Science Monitor has won seven Pulitzer Prizes since 1950. The most recent was in 2002 for an editorial cartoon. In 2006, one of the paper's freelance reporters, Jill Carroll was kidnapped in Iraq. She was released after 82 days. The paper has also won other awards, including the National Headliner Award, National Society of Newspaper Columnists awards, and the Reporters and Editors Award. Mary Trammell is the Editor-in-Chief, Jonathan Wells is the Publisher, John Yemma is the Editor and Marshall Ingwerson is the Managing Editor.

Articles from September 1, 2012

Bad Week for Voter ID Laws. Will Supreme Court Weigh in before Election?
The power struggle between the federal judiciary and states that want tighter controls on the voting franchise is building toward a crescendo as the presidential election looms.In the span of a week, federal court panels struck down three key voting-related...
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In Ethiopia, a Nation Comes to Bury Meles and to Praise Him
Over the past week, in near silence, two endless columns of Ethiopians draped in black have shuffled through the grounds of the national palace before pausing beneath a coffin covered by the flag and breaking into wails and sobs.The masses in Africa's...
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Open Season: Will Rebounding Wyoming Wolves Thrive without US Protection?
The decision Friday by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to lift endangered species protections for the gray wolf in Wyoming is a testament to the success of the 20-year federal wolf reintroduction effort.But the move also opens the door to a bloodier...
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Hope Solo is not the type of person to write anything other than a no-holds-barred, tell-all kind of autobiography. That is exactly what Solo: A Memoir of Hope, written with columnist Ann Killion of, delivers: a behind-the-scenes...
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With Migron Outpost Evacuation, Israeli Settlers Lose the Battle but Not the War
Israel is on the verge of the its largest settler evacuation in seven years after the Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Migron outpost residents to postpone an order to evacuate land that the government says belongs to Palestinians.Israeli peace...
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