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Articles from Vol. 135, No. 3, February 15

A Man of Peace: Gordon C. Zahn, 1918-2007
On the night of John Leary's funeral in Boston in August 1982, I ran into Gordon Zahn in Copley Square. His face was lined with tears. Young Leary, a Catholic pacifist and Harvard grad, had dropped dead a few days before while jogging along the Charles...
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Begotten, Not Made: The Dangers of Reproductive Technology
In the region where I live and teach on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, the economy centers on a thriving poultry industry. On a number of occasions, when my boys were young, I would trot off with them on a school field trip to admire the wonders of...
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Beneath the Skin
Aside from the few friends whose names and faces even forty-plus years cannot entirely erase, I remember almost nothing of my high school years. Neither the classes I attended nor the poor devils assigned to teach them have left much of an impression....
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Bridge Closed
There was a good deal of justified outrage among Catholics, and presumably among all fair-minded people, when protests from faculty and students at Rome's La Sapienza University caused Pope Benedict to cancel an academic address he was to give there...
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Faith & Politics: After the Religious Right
It is already clear that the 2008 presidential campaign will be one of the most notable in our country's history. But one of the most important transformations in our politics is receiving remarkably little attention: In this election, the religious...
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Good Reasons to Be Humble: A Foreign-Policy Agenda for the Next President
In matters of foreign policy, the next president faces a tall order in a short time. Within days of taking office in January 2009, he or she must take a series of actions to restore America's moral authority in the world and our confidence in ourselves....
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Justice or Vengeance: Is the Death Penalty Cruel & Unusual?
Does the three-drug cocktail used by the majority of states that impose the death penalty violate the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits "cruel and unusual punishment"? The Supreme Court recently heard arguments on this question...
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Sex & the Teenage Girl: The Insights of 'Juno'
There's a classic story of teen pregnancy, told in books, movies, and teen magazines over the past century. It goes something like this: a young girl falls in love for the first time, and, under the spell of first love, she "goes all the way" in the...
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Thicker Than Oil: 'There Will Be Blood'
Why is it that the great characters of fiction and drama always, finally, elude us? Hamlet, Phaedra, Charles Foster Kane, the bums waiting for Godot, Anna Karenina, Huck Finn: they lure us on and lure us on and then they turn into Mona Lisas. Critic...
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