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Articles from Vol. 16, No. 4, March

30 Essential Steps to Take Right Now to Prevent Online Crime
Internet invasions and computer-related crimes are grabbing front-page headlines. Fraud, security violations and thefts of intellectual property are costing businesses and consumers more than U.S. $250 million a year, according to the U.S. Federal...
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Bells and Whistles Are OK, but Facts Are Better
When I taught my first web site workshops four years ago, all people wanted to talk about were Java applets, Shockwave plug-ins and other technographic gewgaws sure to make the web user go "Wow!" If I talked about the importance of strategic messages,...
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Catchin's a Buzz
Buzzzzzzz. You know when you see or hear it. It's when your brand is hot, white hot. Sizzlin'. The subject of countless media stories. The word-of-mouth that moves swiftly throughout a trade show floor, or within the Internet's chat rooms. It's that...
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Debunking the Intranet: Tales from the Front
By now most companies have some form of an "intranet," whether it's browser-based, groupware, or merely glorified e-mail. Much has been written about the benefits of intranets, and most every company can point to a success story. Yet when it comes...
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Dos & Don'ts When Working with Writers on Contract
You'll get the best copy in the shortest time, remain on speaking terms with copy reviewers, and be a patron saint to writers if you observe all the following guidelines. Of course, you'll also be the first client who ever has. But even if you observe...
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The Blind Spot in Korea's Overseas Marketing
Why can't they see it?" A handful of overseas visitors kept asking that question during a factory tour given by a top company in Korea. The tour itself was pretty good, but some of the visitors were laughing uproariously at a big wall chart that explained...
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The New and Improve 21st Century Communicator's Toolbox - Available Today
Yes folks, here it is...available today...the complete toolbox for 21st-century communicators. Guaranteed to make your life easier, get you a raise, improve the bottom line and permanently eliminate cat hair from all of your clothes.(*) Let's...
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The Other Side of Cyberspace
"The 21st century will not be a dark age. Neither will it deliver to most people the bounties promised by the most extraordinary technological revolution in history. Rather, it may well be characterized by informed bewilderment." "It is indeed,...
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