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Articles from Vol. 13, No. 6, June-July

Ahh ... the Pitfalls of International Communication
Nobody said communicating was easy. Or if anyone did, he or she probably never attempted to communicate.across geopolitical, cultural and linguistic boundaries. All too frequently, communicating information internationally produces messages that range...
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An Interview with Cyber-Skeptic: Cliff Stoll
One of the dirty little secrets of the Internet is that users are remarkably cheap. Even if you could bill them, users are not willing to pay a nickel. 'Click.' Feather-weight Cliff Stoll, in the ring with heavy-weight champion Mike "Internet" Tyson....
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Banking Giant Re-Defines Its Communication Mandate. Unusual Survey Technique Determines New Strategic Communication Planning for South African Financial Group
Applied organisational communication was identified as one of the primary tools in the extensive development process currently under way a process encompassing a total rethink on job levels, skills development, rewards packages and the way the organisation...
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Credibility. It's Not Only What You Say
It's not only what you say. RIGHT FROM THE START. As children, we all learned that honesty is the best policy - this modem proverb coming from statesman, printer and scientist Ben Franklin. There are other examples. Pinocchio's stretching of the truth...
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Evolution of Modern Russian Communication
The term "Russian public relations" still sounds somewhat strange to many people. Nevertheless, this profession in Russia already has evolved into an interesting history, short as it may be. That history deserves review not only because it provides a...
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Intranets: What's All the Excitement?
It made the cover of Business Week, and was number three on Fortune magazine's top-10 list of technology trends. It has led to an alliance of Microsoft, MCI and Digital Equipment Corporation. It is the subject of conferences and workshops. According...
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Tales from the Other Side
When I landed my job in the corporate world, my peers in the newsroom blasted me for going over to The Other Side. I smiled, but I had to admit to myself that I believed it. I was fed up with working for greasy-spoon wages and I wanted a real career....
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Tales of Viking Glory: Live the V.A.L.H.A.L.L.A. Theory of Leadership for Communicators
Live the V.A.L.H.A.L.L.A. Theory of Leadership for Communicators On the shelf right above my computer, flanking the tiny statue of a monkey on a stack of Charles Darwin's books and puzzling over a human skull, rest inspirational icons of two of the...
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What Management Says It Wants in Communicating Change
For decades, communication professionals have been working hard to convince senior management that communication is important to the future success of their organizations. A recent survey by professional services firm KPMG in Canada provides solid third-party...
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