Social Behavior and Personality: an international journal

Articles from Vol. 37, No. 1, February

Aggression, Gender-Typical Childhood Play, and a Prenatal Hormonal Index
Gender differences in a variety of behaviors--including aggression and style of play--have frequently been reported (reviewed by Hines, 2004) and several studies have related prenatal androgens to male-typical play and aggression in clinical populations...
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An Empirical Investigation of the Moral Judgment Development of Taiwanese Procurement Executives
With the business environment becoming increasingly competitive in recent years, procurement personnel are facing ever greater ethical challenges. Not only do these people hold opportunities to spend millions of dollars to acquire a company's production...
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A Prediction of Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction by Social Problem Solving
Experiencing various problems in daily activities is inevitable for any individual. The individual's attitudes toward the problems faced is more important than the fact that there are problems. All problems arising from either daily activities or developmental...
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Are Supervisors Fair Mediators? the Effects of Personality Traits and Age Difference on Expected Mediation Fairness
Disputes among colleagues occur in organizations every day. Who can employees turn to for help in resolving these conflicts? Some organizations offer formal alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, including access to professional mediators....
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Consumer Skepticism and Online Reviews: An Elaboration Likelihood Model Perspective
The use of the Internet as a channel for expressing opinions on products has become an important marketing tool to compete for consumer attention and visits (Chatterjee, 2001). With the declining trust in advertising, Word of Mouth (WOM) has become...
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Testing an Alternative Relationship between Individual and Contextual Predictors of Creative Performance
In highly uncertain and rapidly changing environments, companies have come to emphasize innovation as a means to achieve sustainable competitive advantage (Amabile, 1988, 1996; Nonaka, Toyama, & Byosiere, 2001; Shalley, 1995). Since creativity...
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