Theatre Research in Canada

Theatre Research in Canada/Recherches Theatrales au Canada is an academic journal published semiannually by the University of Toronto. Originally titled, Theatre History in Canada, the journal was founded in 1980 and covers Canadian theatrical research.

Articles from Vol. 27, No. 1, Spring

Daughters of the Carnivalized Nation in Jean-Pierre Ronfard's Shakespearean Adaptations Lear and Vie et Mort Du Roi Boiteux
Quebec theatre abounds with Shakespearean adaptations (not counting translations, another genre entirely). Jean-Pierre Ronfard's texts contributed significantly to this corpus of adaptations which seek to appropriate "le grand Will" to work through...
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Identities of Ambivalence: Judith Thompson's Perfect Pie
This paper examines Judith Thompson's Perfect Pie, using Judith Butler's discussion of subjectivity in The Psychic Life of Power. According to Butler, stability as a subject necessitates a simultaneous recognition and denial of subjugation to power,...
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In the Family Way: The Politicization of Motherhood in Merrill Denison's Marsh Hay (1923) (1)
Merrill Denison's 1923 play Marsh Hay explores how the pregnancy of an unwed teenager affects her destitute family in rural Ontario. This article offers a new reading of Marsh Hay, arguing that the play critiques and revises normative views about maternity...
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Postmodern Display: Staging the Mind of Marshall McLuhan (1)
Creatively commingling the life and theories of Canadian media icon Marshall McLuhan may yield robust material for negotiating and staging postmodern performance. This article considers certain of McLuhan's theories that have parallels to influential...
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Queer and Now: The Queer Signifier at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
In his 1995 essay, "Theorizing a Queer Theatre: Buddies in Bad Times," Robert Wallace suggests that Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is an "imaginative construction" whose "theatrical subjectivity;" like its mandate, is not fixed, but has been constantly...
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Speaking in a Visceral Language: From Performer Preparation to Performance Composition
This article presents the hypothesis that sophisticated psychophysical training is vital for the development of the creative relationship between the performer and the director. Using a fragment of original performance and with reference to training...
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Women in Theatre: Here, There, Everywhere, and Nowhere
This article examines the status of women in theatre in the early twenty-first century and determines that while there has been some improvement in Canada in the last twenty-five years, women still lag behind men in terms of employment in key creative...
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Word from the editor/Mot Du Redacteur
In our business, there are often hard acts to follow. As new editor for Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches theatrales au Canada, I certainly have the most humbling of roles following in the footsteps of a long line of first-class editors, not...
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