Articles from Vol. 8, No. 3, Summer

An Interview with Sheila Fitzpatrick
Our questions to Sheila Fitzpatrick, one of the most prolific and perhaps the single best-known historian of the Soviet period active in the world today, were posed at a time when she has been reflecting on her life and role within Soviet studies....
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Lindsey Hughes (1949-2007)
The tragic death on 26 April 2007 of Lindsey Hughes, from cancer at the age of 57, has saddened members of the Study Group on Eighteenth-Century Russia on both sides of the Atlantic and is a great loss for scholarship. Lindsey Audrey Jennifer Hughes...
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Mongol Commonwealth? Exchange and Governance across the Post-Mongol Space
Suddenly, "Eurasia" is everywhere. Just a few short decades ago, even at the University of Washington--which back then stood out starkly for its atypical efforts to integrate the histories of Slavs and of Asia--the term "Eurasia" was hardly heard....
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Russian Anarchism and the Bolshevization of Bakunin in the Early Soviet Period
The rise of anarchism, in its many different currents and doctrinal manifestations, became one of the distinctive characteristics of the Russian Revolution. Although recent research has shed new light on the fate of the anarchists under Soviet rule,...
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Russifying Estonia? Iurii Lotman and the Politics of Language and Culture in Soviet Estonia
Like pogrom, "Russification" (russifikatsiia) is one of the unfortunate Russian contributions to the lingua franca of the academics and journalists writing on empire and ethnicity all over the world. Owing to the efforts of Hugh Seton-Watson and Benedict...
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