Articles from Vol. 9, No. 3, Summer

From Genealogy to Generation: The Birth of Cohort Thinking in Russia
The keywords in my title refer to two distinct ways in which members of a society may think about their location in time. One way--genealogy--takes its bearings from lines of family descent. The other--generation--finds its units of measurement in...
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Marketing Russian History
A specter is haunting Russian studies: the specter of money. Big money, serious money--sums on the order of $500,000. This is what a handful of Russianists collect as advance payments for book contracts with commercial publishers, contracts that the...
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New Directions in Tolstoi Scholarship
Tolstoi's recognition that the work of a writer might become the coin of other realms is in sympathy with trends in contemporary criticism to read with extra-literary purpose. When he dismissed fiction for its own sake and embraced social, political,...
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The Elder at Iasnaia Poliana: Lev Tolstoi and the Orthodox Starets Tradition
In his activity as religious teacher and counselor, Lev Tolstoi consciously stepped into the tradition of the Orthodox startsy or elders. We can see this both in the way he organized his "ministry"--publishing books of spiritual advice and receiving...
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Tolstoi's Response to Terror and Revolutionary Violence
Nonviolence and Terror: Introduction of the Problem for Tolstoi Given Tolstoi's firm reputation as a radical thinker, the scarcity of literature treating his involvement with radical ideologies other than his own, and with terrorism in particular,...
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