Marketing to Women: Addressing Women and Women's Sensibilities

Articles from Vol. 16, No. 8, August

Dealing with the Dark Side: Why Women's Programs Fail, and Overcoming Resistance
There's a mantra in women's marketing that will probably sound familiar: The hardest part of marketing to women is convincing the top brass (or potential client) of the value of the women's market. Meeting this challenge (or even understanding why...
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Gen Y Women Shop with Ad Inserts
More than a quarter (27%) of Gen Y women (age 18-25) turn to advertising inserts first when they're ready to make a purchase, and 17% cite ad inserts and circulars as the form of media that influences them most when selecting purchases, according to...
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Is Transparency the Best Policy?
This month's lead story makes it clear that advertising is not the end-all, be-all of marketing. Nor is marketing a complete strategy for increasing sales with women. Having established that, I'd like to talk for a moment about what makes a good women's...
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More Women Than Men Suffer from Stress
Stress affects women more deeply than men these days, although most adults describe their lives as stressful, according to an Opinion Research poll for the National Consumers League. More women (84%) than men (74%) say they suffer from stress, and...
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Women Are Leaders in Sexual Health
Silly as those new Trojan ads may seem, the company is right to target women as buyers of condoms. A new study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, in partnership with Self magazine, finds that 71% of women have bought condoms. Almost eight in 10 (79%)...
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Women Say They've Made Gains but There's Still Work to Do
More than half of women (55%) think men have a better life than women in the U.S., while 16% feel women have it better, and 19% say women and men have it equally good (or bad), according to the Center for the Advancement of Women (formerly the Center...
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