Journal of Sociology

Articles from Vol. 36, No. 1, March

`A Love/hate Relationship': The Ideals and Experiences of First-Time Mothers(*)
Introduction In western societies in the 1990s, motherhood is located, constructed and lived within a socio-cultural context in which dramatic social changes have occurred over the past quarter-century. In Australia, one of the most important instigators...
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Barriers to Equality: Men's and Women's Attitudes to Workplace Entitlements in Australia(*)
Introduction In Australian society, as in all other western industrialised nations, women take primary responsibility for the care of children and for associated domestic work. This division of labour between men and women in the home shows remarkable...
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Compulsory Voting, Political Shyness and Welfare Outcomes(1)
Mackerras and McAllister (1996: 2) tell us that `Australia has the oldest and probably the most efficient system of compulsory voting' of any of the advanced democracies. And yet, in 1997 the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters tabled a report...
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Environmental Values and Political Action(*)
Introduction The conflict posited by many writers between environmentalist and prodevelopment values (Cotgrove 1982; Milbrath 1984; Touraine et al. 1983; Suzuki 1990) has often been evident in political debates over economic growth and environmental...
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Murder Followed by Suicide in Australia, 1973-1992: A Research Note
Introduction Murder-suicide has been a somewhat neglected topic of study in sociology and has mainly been the domain of mental health and epidemiology studies. As a consequence, the conclusions drawn have concentrated on the occurrence of murder-suicide...
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The ANU3_2 Scale: A Revised Occupational Status Scale for Australia
Measuring occupational status: the ANU scales The earliest ANU scale (ANU1) was developed in the 1960s for use in the first national study of social mobility in Australia. It was a nominal scale, based on an imputed rank ordering of (grouped) occupations...
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