Public Relations Journal

Articles from Vol. 45, No. 4, April

For the Birds
For the Birds Special events, promotions, and sponsorships help Baltimore Orioles keep fans loyal A five-year losing streak, an antiquated stadium, and unending rumors of moving would ensure low attendance for most baseball teams. But the Baltimore...
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How Now IR?
How Now, IR? Intensified M&A action, disclosure dilemmas, changes in insider trading and other laws, increasingly activist shareholders...Since last year's crash, investor relations has become more crucial--and more demanding--than ever before....
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Restructuring: Good and Bad News for Employee Communications
Restructuring: Good and bad news for employee communications Value, responsibilities of role are increasing, but resources are fixed, new survey reveals Competitive pressures and corporate restructuring are rapidly expanding the roles of employee...
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Videoconferencing Comes Down to Earth
Videoconferencing Comes Down to Earth Technological improvements, lower prices, and increased availability are making videoconferencing an option for more public relations purposes Videoconferencing: (a) is much cheaper than it was two years ago; (b)...
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Working with Activist Groups
Working with activist groups IN a sense, most people are activists. They are active in their workplace. They participate in community projects and attend sports events. They may even write or phone their Congressional representative, once in a...
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Writing a Commencement Speech
Writing a commencement speech FEW assignments for the speechwriter can bring more satisfaction --and headaches--than writing a commencement speech. You know that the invitation is an honor for your speaker. It's one of the most flattering forms...
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