East European Quarterly

A scholarly journal publishes articles in the disciplines of East European history, including its economics, politics, culture and history.

Articles from Vol. 41, No. 4, January

A Model of Local Financing in Theory and Practice: Lessons from Slovenia, New EU Member State
Introduction When scholars talks about local government (LG in continuation), they often point to three basic values that the structures of LG may fulfill (Sharpe, 1973; Stewart, Greenwood, 1995): a) autonomy; because the existence of LG prevents...
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Anti-Hungarian Sentiment in the Nationalist Romanian Media: Revista Romania Mare as a Study
Ethnic tensions have been an issue in Transylvania for centuries. Nationalist discourse has preyed upon these tensions for nearly as long. In the mid 1300's, long after Hungarians had taken over the Transylvanian region, Orthodox Romanian nobles were...
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Captive Romania: Police Terror and Ideological Masquerade under Communist Rule
It is not necessary to accept everything as true, one must only accept it as necessary.... A melancholy conclusion.... It turns lying into a universal principle. Franz Kafka The present paper proposes to explore the workings of power,...
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Remembering Tibor Eckhardt: A Conversation with Dr. Otto Von Habsburg
Transcript of an Interview with Dr. Otto von Habsburg October 28, 2003 In the autumn of 2003 Dr. Otto yon Habsburg graciously agreed to an interview to share his memories of his friend of long standing, Dr. Tibor Eckhardt. Tibor Eckhardt was a prominent...
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The Left and Nationalism in Eastern Europe
Nationalism, as we know, may express itself through other and varied ideologies: democracy, fascism or communism. This paper analyses the impact of nationalism on communism in Eastern Europe. It argues that the communist idea, by itself, is too narrow,...
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Ukrainian Financial Markets in 1998: Before and after the Crash
Introduction In a situation common to many emerging markets, in 1998 equity shares in Ukrainian firms were priced low relative to potential earnings. There was reason for greater pessimism about Ukraine than about other emerging economies in Eastern...
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