Review of Social Economy

Articles from Vol. 51, No. 1, Spring

America's Silent Depression: A Challenge to Social Economics
For the last 20 years the American economy has performed at a sub-normal level, especially when compared to the quarter century following World War II -- the golden years of the "Age of Keynes." I have chosen to call this period a "silent depression."...
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An Essay on Jonathan Boswell's Community and the Economy: The Theory of Public Co-Operation
In the past few years, Christian social thought, particularly Catholic social thought, has received abundant attention through articles, books, and conferences. A significant book to highlight the importance of this tradition is Jonathan Boswell's Community...
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Integrating the Ideas of Dissenting Economists into a Theory of Transformational Leadership
Dawson, L. "Self Affirmation, Freedom and Rationality: Theoretically Elaborating 'Active' Conversions," Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 29, 2, 1990, pp. 141-63. Downton, J.V. Rebel Leadership: Commitment and Charisma in the Revolutionary...
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Structural Change in U.S. Labor Markets
Two debates over labor market structure have occurred in the U.S. since World War II: the structuralist/aggregate demand school debate in the early 1960s and the deindustrialization debate of the 1980s. In both controversies one side offers a structural...
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The Evolution of the "Investment System": Keynes' Theory of Employment and Money Revisited
Reese, David, ed. "The Legacy of Keynes," Harper and Row, San Francisco, 1987. Rymes, Thomas. Keynes' Lectures, 1932-35: Notes of a Representative Student (Ann Arbour: The University of Michigan Press, 1989). Shackle, G.L.S. The Years of High Theory...
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