Review of Social Economy

Articles from Vol. 51, No. 3, Fall

American Women and the Professionalization of Economics
I. Introduction The last twenty-five years of the nineteenth century were a crucial period in the development of the teaching and practice of American economics. Before the Civil War, economics was generally not considered a separate college discipline....
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A Review of the Troops: Social Economics in the Twentieth Century
Ellerman, David P. Socialization of Entrepreneurship: The Empresarial Division of the Cajas Laboral Popular, Somerville, MA: Industrial Cooperative Assoc., 1982. Ferguson, Charles. Macroeconomic Theory of Workable Competition, Durham: Duke University...
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Does the Market Create Preferred Preferences?
I. Introduction Since its introduction into the Economics literature over a decade ago, the notion of an agent's "metapreference" has held out considerable hope of providing an elegant reconstruction of rational choice. But largely neglected to this...
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Gender and Economic Ideologies
The term "economic ideology" usually brings to mind distinctions between "free market" capitalism and Marxism. In this paper, the term "ideology" is used in a slightly different way. The dictionary definition of "ideology" includes "Manner or content...
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The Historical Approach to Political Economy
This article begins with an exposition and critique of the ahistorical approach of neoclassical economics (similar approaches have been criticized -- and an historical approach proposed -- in anthropology by Marvin Harris, 1989, and in sociology by Eric...
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