Library Resources & Technical Services

Articles from Vol. 46, No. 1, January

Cataloging Efficiency and Effectiveness
Efficiency and effectiveness of technical services units are difficult to measure, analyze, and compare, partly because operations are complex and vary substantially from one library to another: Cost studies have been widely conducted as a means of...
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Out-of-Print Digital Scanning: An Acquisitions and Preservation Alternative
This article describes the in-house operational procedures developed at the Penn State University Libraries to produce facsimiles of hard-to-locate, out-of-print (OP) titles using digital scanning technologies. Since the out-of-print scan (OP/Scan)...
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Practitioner Perspectives on Cataloging Education for Entry-Level Academic Librarians
The role of cataloging education within the library profession is a topic of considerable interest and debate. Fifty-five heads of reference and sixty-five heads of cataloging in Association of Research Librarians institutions responded to a survey...
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