Library Resources & Technical Services

Articles from Vol. 54, No. 1, January

A Year of Cataloging Research
Library Resources and Technical Services is celebrating 2010 as the Year of Cataloging Research by publishing guest editorials and highlighting papers that advance this important initiative. Evidence-based cataloging. The phrase has been popping...
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Identifying Standard Practices in Research Library Book Conservation
The field of research library conservation has emerged as a distinct discipline and undergone major refinements during the past fifty years. Professional organizations and training programs have been established, new treatment techniques have been...
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Name Authority Work Today: A Comparison of Types of Academic Libraries
This study compared different types and sizes of academic libraries on how they currently engage in name authority work. Findings were that smaller libraries were more likely to do their cataloging in-house and less likely to purchase vendor services....
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The Distributions of MARC Fields in Bibliographic Records: A Power Law Analysis
Library catalog systems worldwide are based on collections of MARC records. New kinds of Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records (FRBR)-based catalog retrieval systems, displays, and cataloging rules will build on ever-growing MARC record...
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