ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

This quarterly journal provides peer-reviewed articles on topics relating to general semantics.

Articles from Vol. 50, No. 4, Winter

A General Semantics Glossary
multiordinality (m.o.) of terms and mechanisms. This glossary has featured Korzybskian coinages: words invented for his systematic purposes or established terms used in an original way. In this segment, I introduce another coinage, the term multiordinality....
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Cinema Verite and the Criminal Element: A Perspective
DURING THE LATE 1980s, a new form of television show became popular. This type of programming represents a variant of cinema verite. In this case, real people in everyday situations are the focus of attention. For example, the activities of law enforcement...
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Cognitive Darwinism: Rational-Emotive Therapy and the Theory of Neuronal Group Selection
5. A. Ellis. Rejoinder: Elegant and Inelegant RET, in A. Ellis and J. Whiteley, eds. Theoretical and Empirical Foundations of Rational-Emotive Therapy. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 1979. 6. G. M. Edelman. The Remembered Present: A Biological Theory of Consciousness....
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Financial Bombs
WITH OTHER MEDIA focused on the bombing of the parking garage at the World Trade Center, leave it to the New Yorker to provide a different slant. Its "The Talk of the Town" of March 15, 1993, began: Not only has terrorism struck the financial district...
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Jack in the Text: From Multimedia to Hypertext, the Written Word Finds a New Home
FORGET ABOUT CYBERSPACE -- all that stuff about virtual universes and electronic immortality is drug-pushing. They're toys for people who can't get enough dead air out of their TV sets. If you want a cyberpunk experience, slap some Public Enemy in your...
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Our Inflationary Language: A Metaphor of Communication
WE USE LANGUAGE, that marvelous technology, to talk about our lives, our past, our future. We can even use language to talk about language. But what happens when language changes its role in our lives -- when we start using it differently, or when it...
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River of Abstractions
"USE THE ABSTRACTING PROCESS," I instruct the class, "to explain how I can spot a student doodling and only pretending to take notes." "Map-makers," they inform me, "select information from the environment based on the context of the situation, their...
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The Language Problem
ONE CAN RECOGNIZE the confluence of two tributaries in what I will call the language problem. The first of these (a secular and, to some extent, a psychological tributary) involves the inevitable distortion that arises when translating an inner experience...
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Understanding Cultural Differences: Janteloven and Social Conformity in Norway
ONE OF THE persistent themes in general semantics literature is tolerance of cultural diversity. Quotes from a recent article in this journal illustrate this point: "Throughout our history, we have reacted too often to diversity with fear and defensive...
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