ETC.: A Review of General Semantics

This quarterly journal provides peer-reviewed articles on topics relating to general semantics.

Articles from Vol. 65, No. 4, October

A Simple Definition of General Semantics
[A] number of isolated facts does not produce a science any more than a heap of bricks produces a house. The isolated facts must be put in order and brought into mutual structural relations in the form of some theory. Then, only, do we have a science,...
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Become an Active Time-Binder. Learn. ..from the Experience ... and Mistakes ... of Your Ancestors
TIME BINDING: THAT SINKING FEELING K-12-COMMUNICATION.COM IN 1625, Sweden's king, Gustavus Adolphus, decided that his country needed a strong navy if Sweden was to be considered a major world power. He ordered construction of a number of fighting...
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Exercises in Mental Cartography: Making New Maps
IN 1698, an Italian named Bartolomeo Cristofori built the world's first piano. This happened more than two millennia after Pythagoras invented Western music by discovering that the relationships between musical notes could be expressed as numerical...
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From the Editor
WITH THIS ISSUE, THE EDITORSHIP changes hands with grateful acknowledgment to the editors who have come before. It seems to us that our mission is as important as ever as we do what we can to address the problems of the semantic environment. For those...
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Going Blue
OKAY. SERIOUSLY. I HAVE A PROBLEM. It's a problem many writers and comedians have. Some who generally love language also deal with it. Fourteen year old boys have this problem, too. In my business it's called "going blue." Blue is my favorite color...
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Poetry Ring
GENERAL SEMANTICISTS emphasize the role that the languages of science, logic, and mathematics play in the process of abstracting. We also acknowledge that the arts constitute a means of abstracting from reality, albeit in a different manner. Similarly,...
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The Cell Phone Zone
I first noticed this in the mall. A person would stop walking, and peer intensely at the screen of their cell phone. They would stop paying attention to anyone or anything around them. They might tap something onto the keys of the cell phone. But they...
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The Thing Is Not Itself: Artefactual Metonymy and the World of Antiques
GENERAL SEMANTICISTS routinely draw attention to the non-identification between the symbolic realm and first-order processes of reality. This distinction underlies many different expressions within GS: "Whatever I say a thing is, it is not," "The map...
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The Walk of Shame: A Normative Description
ON A GIVEN SUNDAY MORNING IN CITIES ACROSS AMERICA, women and men will perform the "walk of shame." Although both sexes exhibit the behavior, the women seem particularly stigmatized and obvious. Look for her--she is the one who is still wearing the...
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