Information Outlook

Official magazine of the Special Libraries Association. Includes articles on the administration, organization, and operation of special libraries and information centers; research reports in librarianship, documentation, education.

Articles from Vol. 2, No. 9, September

America's Hometown
"America's Hometown" - that's how an article in the July/August issue of National Geographic Traveler describes Minneapolis, along with its sister city, Saint Paul. Those of us lucky enough to live here year-round are looking forward to June 1999, when...
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Copyright Committee Continues to Educate SLA Members
Over the past year, copyright has been in the forefront for most librarians and for many legislators, lawyers, and law teachers. For the past year, Information Outlook has included a copyright column each month to highlight areas of particular concern...
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Great Expectations: Reach to Teach
What I hear, I forget; what I see, I remember; but what I do, I understand. - Confucius, 451 BC Meet the Needs of the Adult Learner The information professional has been involved in "training" since he/she first showed a library patron how to open...
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Intranets Are Not Instant Knowledge Management Systems
Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Knowledge Management, Content Management, Data Mining, Data Warehousing, etc., etc., etc. When will it end? New buzzwords are arriving on the information scene at an alarming rate. Misunderstandings as to their meaning abound....
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Knowledge Navigators
Librarians and information professionals have long thought of themselves as knowledge workers, providing value-adding services to their organizations. However, when viewed from a senior management perspective - from an Industrial Age corporate mentality...
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Should Internet Traffic Be Monitored?
As the world considers how to address legal matters online, one nation has taken some restrictive steps to eliminate illegal activity in cyberspace. Sweden recently passed a law that requires operators of electronic bulletin board systems to monitor...
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SLA Members Speak: Technology Focus Groups
Over the past year, the Professional Development and Research departments have been conducting focus groups with SLA members to find out how the latest technological developments have affected the way they do their jobs and which developments will most...
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Spezialbibliotheken in der USA
Since I never worked in a special library before, I had to chuckle as I stood in front of the classroom full of curious and interested students, preparing to give a lecture on "Spezialbibliotheken in der USA." One quickly learns to be flexible and improvise...
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