Information Outlook

Official magazine of the Special Libraries Association. Includes articles on the administration, organization, and operation of special libraries and information centers; research reports in librarianship, documentation, education.

Articles from Vol. 5, No. 2, February

A Decade of Celebrating International Special Librarians Day!
Ten years ago, the Special Libraries Association decided there should be a day dedicated to the profession that would recognize the unique contributions made by information professionals and the critical role they play in the international information...
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Are E-Books in Your Future?
Who would choose to read an e-book rather than a printed book? THE VISUALLY CHALLENGED FOR THE ADJUSTABLE TYPE SIZE AND FONT OF E-BOOKS. The user of technical manuals for the bookmarking, hyperlinking, and annotating capabilities. The student...
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Call for Applications for 2001 American Memory Fellows Institute
The American Memory Fellows Program is joining with the Library of Congress for a year long professional development opportunity, the cornerstone of which is the American Memory Fellows Institute, held in Washington at the Library of Congress in two...
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Deepening Your Learning
To be both effective and fulfilled in our personal and professional lives today, we need to be learning continuously about ourselves, other people, and the many facets of our businesses and our careers. You can do that through many avenues. One method...
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Electronic Books in Libraries: Rights of Libraries and Publishers
In February 1999, the main branch of Richmond, British Columbia's public library, began to loan four SoftBook readers. Pre-loaded with a mix of thirteen fiction and non-fiction titles, there was a fifty-person waiting list to try them out within three...
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Executive Outlook
Writers, Publishers, Librarians, Oh My! Do the words Tasini v. New York Times mean anything to you? They should, particularly given the fact that information professionals are caught in the middle of a very interesting copyright conundrum. I'm reminded...
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Pricing Strategy
Members often ask me about how the prices for SLA's products and services are determined. As might be expected, price is one of the most effective marketing tools an organization has to promote a product or service. Price conveys an image of the organization,...
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The ABC"s of Gen X for Librarians
What Sets the Gen X Employee Apart from the Rest? JODI LUNCHES ON HAMBURGERS AND FRIES OR A FRENCH DIP SANDWICH, dresses in GAP clothes, listens to rock, and says, "you rock!" when she is pleased with what she hears. Mary Ellen lunches on yogurt...
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The Depository Library Council Seeks New Members
The Depository Library Council (Council) was established in 1973 to provide advice to the Public Printer, United States Government Printing Office (GPO), regarding the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP). The Council is comprised of individuals...
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