Information Outlook

Official magazine of the Special Libraries Association. Includes articles on the administration, organization, and operation of special libraries and information centers; research reports in librarianship, documentation, education.

Articles from Vol. 11, No. 10, October

How to Hire without Regret: Interviewing Job Candidates Correctly Will (Almost) Ensure Hiring the Correct Candidate
Hiring the right person for the job is crucial to the operation of your library. Regrettable hiring decisions can be costly mistakes in terms of negative impact on morale and management time as well as reduced productivity and the potential for litigation...
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If Numbers Never Tell a Lie, This Site Points to Many Truths: And If You're Interested in Art, Here's a Collection of 13,000 Images of Picasso's Works
Statistics Resources No matter what your industry, statistics are ubiquitous. This "information blog," which is updated fairly frequently, lists almost 100 sources for them. Although most of the sites are government-run,...
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Invasion of the Podcasts: We've All Heard the Phrase "The Medium Is the Message," in Which Case You Really Should Be Listening to This Article, Not Reading It. the Reason That I Say This Is Because the Little Story I'm Going to Tell You Is about a Series of Podcasts I Developed on Using Technology for Training and Collaboration
A Podcast? Is that like in the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers? If you still wonder what a podcast is, don't feel bad. Not that long ago, I didn't know either, but I learn fast and so will you. You probably do know what "pod people" are,...
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It's One Big Circus: For Research Supervisor Louise Guy, Working at the Cirque Du Soleil Is a Fine Combination of Business and the Arts
Guy Laliberte is the founder of Cirque du Soleil, the internationally renowned billion-dollar entertainment corporation. Nearly 25 years ago, Laliberte was a Montreal street performer who had the opportunity to utilize a $1.3 million public grant to...
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Practicing the Fine Art of Paying Attention: With All the Distractions at Work These Days, It's Important to Focus on the Person We're Talking To
Listening rocks. No, I am not suggesting that we start talking to our igneous friends, although there are times in these frenzied days when it might seem rather appealing. Talking to oak trees in Windsor Great Park certainly did no good to that...
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SLA Is Looking Ahead to Future of the Profession: Approaching Centennial Provides an Opportunity to Celebrate Yesterday-And Plan for Tomorrow
In 2009, SLA will celebrate its centennial. This is an extraordinary accomplishment for any organization, and it deserves to be recognized and honored in a special way. To prepare for the yearlong celebration, a Centennial Commission has been created...
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SLA to FTC: Don't Take Shortsighted Approach to Internet Neutrality; SLA Has Called on the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to Reconsider Its Decision to Abandon Internet Neutrality
In a letter to FTC Chairman Deborah Platt Majoras, SLA called the commission's June 2007 report, Broadband Connectivity Competition Policy, shortsighted, and the FTC's decision a threat to an open, robust, and independent Internet. SLA urged the FTC...
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The Future of Reference in Special Libraries Is What Information Pros Can Make It; If We Sit and Do Nothing, We'll Be like the Frog in the Pot: We Won't Know We're Cooked until It's Too Late to Jump
Many years ago, the esteemed Barbara Quint offered her estimate that Google answered as many reference queries in a half-hour as all the reference librarians in the world did in seven years. I suspect that ratio is quite different now, and not for...
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The New Secrets to Success: Change, Leadership, and Expertise; Making Change Work for You, Stepping Up to Leadership Roles, and Ensuring You Know What You're Talking about Will Advance Your Career
It is well accepted today that to be successful over the course of our careers, info pros must exhibit a broad range of traits, including developing expertise, demonstrating a keen business acumen, thriving with the continuous changes that occur in...
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