International Labour Review

This global multidisciplinary journal covers labour, social policies and relationships. It also covers fields, such as employment and labour markets, training and skills development, social security and social protection, labour law and labour institutions.

Articles from Vol. 142, No. 1, 2003

Beyond the New Paternalism: Basic Security as Equality
Beyond the new paternalism: Basic security as equality. Guy STANDING. London, Verso, 2002. xiv + 306 pp. Tables, figures, notes, index. ISBN 1-85984-345-X."Insecurity is worse than poverty" - the author's choice of this Confucian aphorism reflects his...
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Challenges Facing Nurses' Associations and Unions: A Global Perspective
Health care systems around the world are facing very significant challenges as they restructure and "reinvent" themselves in an effort to make more efficient use of available resources (ICN, 2001). As health care is a labour-intensive industry, the stresses...
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Decent Work and Competitiveness: Labour Dimensions of Accession to the European Union
Enlargement of the European Union (EU) from its current 15 Member States to 25 or more represents a significant development for the EU and for the candidate countries. The success of enlargement rests on whether it will lead to sustained increases in...
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Family Life and Family Interests: A Comparative Study on the Influence of the European Convention of Human Rights on Dutch Family Law and the Influence of the United States Constitution on American Family Law
Family life and family interests: A comparative study on the influence of the European Convention of Human Rights on Dutch family law and the influence of the United States Constitution on American family law. Gerda A. KLEIJKAMP. The Hague, Kluwer Law...
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This issue of the Review addresses specific aspects of labour markets, social protection and rights at work from both regional and global perspectives. The first article focuses on the labour market implications of the inclusion of the ten accession...
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The Committee on Freedom of Association: Its Impact over 50 Years
The Committee on Freedom of Association: Its impact over 50 years. By Eric GRAVEL, Isabelle DUPLESSIS and Bernard GERNIGON. Geneva, 2002 (second edition). iv + 76 pp. Figures, boxes, appendices. 10 Swiss francs. ISBN 92-2-112667-6.Since the foundation...
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The Dynamics of Full Employment: Social Integration through Transitional Labour Markets
The dynamics of full employment: Social integration through transitional labour markets. Gunther SCHMID; Bernard GAZIER (eds.). Labour Markets and Employment Policy Series. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar, 2002. xvii + 443 pp. Figures, tables, bibliographies,...
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The ILO's Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour*
In recent years, a start has been made by individual countries in harnessing efforts to implement their commitment to eradicate forced and bonded labour, slavery, and trafficking in persons. The ILO has also been addressing the issue of traditional and...
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Trade and Investment Effects of Forced Labour: An Empirical Assessment
Millions of people around the world are still subjected to forced labour. Though detailed figures are not available, slavery, in its different forms, is estimated to be more widespread today than at any previous time in history (Bales, 1999). The universal...
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