International Labour Review

This global multidisciplinary journal covers labour, social policies and relationships. It also covers fields, such as employment and labour markets, training and skills development, social security and social protection, labour law and labour institutions.

Articles from Vol. 133, No. 5,6, 1994

A Comparative Approach to Social Exclusion: Lessons from Fr
In France, the concept of social exclusion plays a vital role in shaping sociological debate, political discourse and state intervention. Indeed, the meaning taken on by the term "social exclusion" has been influenced by conceptual debates, analyses...
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A Study of Inequality, Low Incomes and Unemployment in Londo
Since the mid-1980s there have been sharp changes in London. The Greater London Council itself was abolished in 1986. Severe restrictions were placed on the resources and powers of the metropolitan boroughs. Laws to reduce the powers of trades unions...
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Computerized Integration and the Organization of Work in Ent
For the past ten years or so, researchers in the social sciences, particularly in Europe and North America, have shown an interest in the computerized integration of enterprises.(1) This process appears to bring about far-reaching changes in the nature...
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Social Exclusion and Social Solidarity: Three Paradigms
The changes affecting the poor were changes in kind as well as degree, in quantity, in ideas, attitudes, beliefs. perceptions, values. They were changes in what may be called the "moral imagination". (Gertrude Himmelfarb, referring to England circa 1760,...
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The Impact of Structural Adjustment on Training Needs
The importance of training and retraining in the process of structural adjustment is well recognized, yet such training is often poorly conceived. The purpose of this article is to explore the connections between structural adjustment, skills and skill...
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The Revision of the European Social Charter
Since 1961, the member States of the Council of Europe have had a regional instrument on the protection of economic and social rights, namely the European Social Charter. This convention may be considered as the expression of a common heritage of rights...
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Unemployment and the Emergence of Poverty during Economic Re
Until the beginning of the 1990s the term "poverty" was not used by Soviet social scientists. Instead, researchers used the expression "persons not sufficiently provided for", which reduced poverty to a purely economic definition. Poverty as an economic...
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