Journal of Environmental Health

This journal covers new research, news, useful products and services for the environmental health professional. It covers topics, such as air quality, food safety and protection, hazardous material/toxic substances management, terrorism and all-hazards preparedness, wastewater management and water pollution control/water quality.

Articles from Vol. 74, No. 5, December

Environmental Health Programs under Fire
During the past several months the U.S. has experienced some of the highest-profile foodborne illness outbreaks with well-documented reports of illnesses and deaths. At the same time Congress has taken action to deny funding for implementation of landmark...
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Featured Article Quiz #3: Impacts of Biological Additives, Part 1: Solids Accumulation in Septic Tanks
Available to those holding an Individual NEHA membership only, the JEH Quiz, offered six times per calendar year through the Journal of Environmental Health, is a convenient tool for self-assessment and an easily accessible means to accumulate continuing-education...
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Global Benefits from the Phaseout of Leaded Fuel
[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Introduction The phasing out of leaded gasoline has been the single most important strategy in reducing overall lead exposures and lead-induced illnesses, with the economic benefits exceeding costs by more than 10 times...
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Impacts of Biological Additives, Part 1: Solids Accumulation in Septic Tanks
Introduction Twenty-five percent of existing housing and 33% of new development nationally use decentralized wastewater technologies such as on-site systems, also called septic systems (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [U.S. EPA], 2005). The...
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Impacts of Biological Additives, Part 2: Septic Tank Effluent Quality and Overall Additive Efficacy
Introduction People living in subdivisions, rural areas, and other suburban areas depend upon individual onsite wastewater treatment systems for household wastewater treatment. The number of onsite wastewater treatment system users increases every...
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NEHA Resource Shown to Help Increase REHS/RS Pass Rates
During the past year NEHA tracked how people performed on the Registered Environmental Health Specialist/Registered Sanitarian (REHS/RS) credential exam and whether they purchased NEHA's REHS/RS Online Practice Exam. The Practice Exam contains over...
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New Drinking Water Advisory Communication Toolbox
A drinking water advisory is issued by the local water system authority whenever water quality in a system has been compromised. A water system authority must act quickly and coordinate closely both within its own organization and with its state drinking...
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What the Evolution of Our AEC Says about NEHA
Over the last two months, I've had the privilege of giving four keynote presentations. A keynote is somewhat different than a regular speech (though often no less difficult to prepare). For example, one of the missions of a keynote is to stir an...
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