Journal of School Health

Founded in 1930, the Journal of School Health is published and owned by the American School Health Association. The journal has a circulation of approximately 5,000 readers and provides information on health promotion in school settings. It is a journal published monthly (except in June and July). The Editor of the journal is Morgan R. Pigg, Jr. Kristin McCarthy is the Advertising Coordinator.

Articles from Vol. 63, No. 3, March

An Evaluation of a Substance Abuse Education Program for Mississippi Delta Pregnant Adolescents
Fertility data indicate teens ages 15-19 give birth at a rate of 71 per 1,000 total live births in the U.S. In Illinois, 12% of all births are to women in this age range, and in the extreme southern Illinois counties which are a part of the Mississippi...
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Chief State School Officers Rank Barriers to Implementing Comprehensive School Health Education
Although learning performance in the basic subject areas is influenced by the student's health,|1-5~ relatively few U.S. school systems provide planned, year-by-year instruction for health education as is provided for reading, writing, and math. The...
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Incorporating Health-Fitness Concepts in Secondary Physical Education Curricula
Evidence continues to support the importance of regular exercise and fitness to good health.|1~ One of the nation's primary health goals for the year 2000, as articulated by the US Public Health Service, is to increase the regular physical activity among...
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Investigating Children's Knowledge and Understanding of AIDS
The incidence of AIDS has increased dramatically, and risky behaviors, particularly unprotected sexual contact, are the primary reasons for the high infection rate among adolescents.|1-3~ Sexual contact begins early; in 1988, 27% of the females and 33%...
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School Health Education in the European Community
Contemporary school health education in Europe represents a recent phenomenon, with the earliest efforts beginning in the late 1960s in Northern Europe. Consequently, northern European member states are farther along in school health education than their...
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School Heart Health Promotion: The National Heart Foundation (Western Australian) Approach
School health promotion in Australia grew dramatically during the 1980s. Throughout this period, the National Heart Foundation (NHF) remained committed to schools as an avenue for cardiovascular primary prevention programs. The programs focused on healthy...
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The Impact of Training on School Professionals' Knowledge, Beliefs, and Behaviors regarding HIV/AIDS and Adolescent Homosexuality
Since release of the Surgeon General's Report on AIDS in 1986, mass education has been a cornerstone in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The report urged that education begin "at the lowest grade possible as part of any health and hygiene program" and that...
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Using a Student-Constructed Baby Model to Teach Health Subjects to Learning Disabled Children
Learning disabled children in economically disadvantaged, inner city elementary schools face enormous challenges. First, children of low socioeconomic status encounter challenges such as poor health, violence, and social stress.|1~ These problems are...
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