The Journal of Southern History

TheJournal of Southern History is a quarterly journal owned and published by The Southern Historical Association. It has been in publication since 1935, and its editorial headquarters are in Houston, Texas. TheJournalof Southern History focuses on southern history, broadly interpreted. Issues contain scholarly articles, historical notes, book reviews and news of historical interest. Contributors to the journal include almost everyone who is doing or has done significant work in the field of southern history. All members of The Southern Historical Association are recipients of the journal as are others interested in the study of the South. The journal's region is the United States.TheJournal of Southern History has included articles on such topics as "Opposition to Polygamy in the Postbellum South" (November 2010), "African American Farmers and Civil Rights" (November 2007), "A Region in Harmony: Southern Music and the Sound Track of Freedom" (November 2006) and "The Second Slavery: Modernity in the Nineteenth-Century Sough and the Atlantic World" (August 2009). Randal L. Hall is the Managing Editor. John B. Boles is the Editor, Bethany L. Johnson is the Associate Editor and Allison N. Madar is a Visiting Assistant Editor.

Articles from Vol. 74, No. 2, May

The University of North Texas will become the new home of the Texas State Historical Association (TSHA), which furthers the appreciation, understanding, and teaching of the unique history of the state. The TSHA was founded on March 2, 1897--the sixty-first...
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Annual Report of the Secretary-Treasurer
OUR MEETING IN RICHMOND IN NOVEMBER WAS ONLY THE SECOND ONE the Association has held in what is arguably the South's most historically rich state capital, the first having been held in the John Marshall Hotel in 1965. The primary reason for this infrequency...
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Between Memory and History: Autobiographies of the Civil Rights Movement and the Writing of Civil Rights History
IN 1988, AT A REUNION OF THE STUDENT NONVIOLENT COORDINATING Committee (SNCC), Joyce Ladner had this to say about scholarship on the civil rights movement: "It was not until a decade after leaving SNCC that I began to read some of the works on the...
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Building a Populist Coalition in Texas, 1892-1896
THAN A HALF CENTURY HAS PASSED SINCE C. VANN WOODWARD argued that the success of the People' s (or Populist) Party of the 1890s hinged on construction of three somewhat improbable coalitions of the dispossessed: southerners and westerners, farmers...
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Libraries and Archives
The Georgia Historical Society announces eleven archival collections that are now available for research: W. Edwin Mires collection of Atlantic Coastline Railroad photographs, 1930; Henry Shepard letter to Tirrman Walker, 1824; National Society Colonial...
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Murder, North and South: Violence in Early-Twentieth-Century Chicago and New Orleans
OBSERVERS OF AMERICAN REGIONALISM HAVE LONG KNOWN THAT THE South has suffered from high, often astronomically high, levels of violence. Late-eighteenth-century travelers marveled at the eye-gouging and nose-biting rituals at the core of rough-and-tumble...
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Southern History in Periodicals, 2007: A Selected Bibliography
THIS CLASSIFIED BIBLIOGRAPHY INCLUDES MOST SCHOLARLY ARTICLES IN the field of southern history published in periodicals in 2007 except for descriptive or genealogical writings of primary interest to a restricted group of readers. If an article was...
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