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Articles from January/February

Bringing the Real World into the Classroom
[Graph Not Transcribed]"I got the bug! I got the fever!" No, this isn't some rabid World Cup fan speaking. It's Art Lightstone, a seemingly sober-sided teacher of business studies, talking about how his passion for computers evolved from a fascination...
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Dogbite Prevention
[Graph Not Transcribed][Graph Not Transcribed][Graph Not Transcribed][Graph Not Transcribed][Graph Not Transcribed]The Dogbite Prevention program, sponsored by Ralston Purina Inc., not only teaches children how to act safely around dogs, it also explains...
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IT in the Classroom
[Graph Not Transcribed]Technology is coming to your classroom, partly because it offers benefits that can't be delivered any other way, but even more so because we desperately need it. Some see IT (Information Technology, the combination of computers...
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[Kids Mensa]
Platforms: Windows 3.1/ Win 95/ Win 98, Macintosh 7.01 or laterBY ALISON GIRLINGIf you go to the Mensa Canada Society's home page, you will find (in the section that is open to non-Mensa members) a puzzle of the month:How many birthdays does the average...
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Learning Can Be a Virtual Experience at RB Russell Vocational School
Adented, scratched-up van limps into the service bay. The man behind the wheel slides out of the van and approaches to find out what it would take to repair it and get it back on the road quickly. This is just one of the many learning scenarios students...
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Strangers Becoming Us
Every year, Canada admits 200,000 immigrants and refugees, most of whom eventually become Canadian citizens. On a per capita basis, our immigration rate is about twice as high as the United States' and much higher than that of many countries in Europe....
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The Endangered Species Project
[Graph Not Transcribed][Graph Not Transcribed][Graph Not Transcribed]Why should we care about endangered species? What is the significance if categories of plants and animals disappear? After all, isn't it part of the natural evolutionary process? Survival...
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The Gift of Life Education Program
Are you looking for an exciting, new program to assist you in teaching students about the human body?The Gift of Life Educational Program is a unique and innovative program designed to introduce grade 5 - 8 students to the topic of organ donation and...
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