Human Architecture

Articles from Vol. 7, No. 2, Spring

"But There Are No Longer Any Anti-Semites!": Vicious Circles, Jewish Destinies, and a Complementary Framework to Read De-Colonial Discourses
Abstract: In this article I attempt to find in the post-1945/8 renewal of the imperial role of the Jew a complementary framework to understand the supposed de-colonial anti-Semitism. Departing from the analysis of anti-Semitism by the Frankfurt School,...
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Dispensable and Bare Lives: Coloniality and the Hidden Political/Economic Agenda of Modernity
Abstract: Walter Mignolo discusses how racial formations in colonialism and imperialism have to be understood in the context of the simultaneous transformation of Christianity and the emergence of the capitalist world economy. In his contribution he...
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Franz Kafka's Trial and the Anti-Semitic Trials of His Time
Abstract: Franz Kafka's novel The Trial-one of the most famous literary works of the 20th century-was, at least to some extent, inspired by contemporary historical events. The great anti-semitic trials of his time were a blatant example of state injustice....
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Global Anti-Semitism in World-Historical Perspective: An Introduction
Abstract: This introduction to the Spring 2009 issue of Human Architecture: Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge begins with a discussion of "The Articulation and Re-Articulation of Anti-Semitism" in a world-historical perspective, focusing on...
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Human Rights and Anti-Semitism after GAZA
Abstract: This article discusses the consequences of the latest Israeli massacres in Gaza in relation to its global consequences for Human Rights and Global Anti-Semitism today. The first part is a discussion of the consequences of Gaza towards Human...
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