Journal of Development Communication

Articles from Vol. 20, No. 1, June

Community Arts Singapore: Framework for a Community Indicator System
As Singapore moves forward into the new year, the next phase of its development will be based on the creative capacity of its people, both local as well as foreign talents. The National Arts Council together with its partners from the five districts...
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E-Governance Opportunities in Developing Countries: Lessons Learned from Korea's Experience
Innovations in communications and information technology have been introduced at a rapid speed in our society in the last decade. These phenomena often called the Information Revolution or Information Technology Revolution can be compared to the Industrial...
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Information Seeking in the ICT Age: How Different Age Groups Respond to the New Phenomenon
During the last twenty years rapid developments in technology have led to changes in the way we work, play and learn. There is a kind of new revolution in the making, IT revolution. Castells (2000) notes that the current process of technological transformation...
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Interpersonal and Mass Media Campaign for HIV/AIDS Prevention: An Integrated Approach
In the absence of a vaccine for therapeutic cure, education through effective interpersonal and mass communication strategies is a 'Social Vaccine' against HIV/AIDS prevention (Population Report, 1989). Although the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)...
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On Information Analysis: A Supply and Demand Approach
The astounding progress in the area of information and communications technology that we have witnessed in the late 1990s and the present time has improved our understanding of the concepts for social sciences information in particular, but still there...
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