Multinational Business Review

Articles from Vol. 11, No. 2, Fall

Assessing the Effect of Investment Barriers on International Capital Flows Using an Expert-Driven System
ABSTRACT: The analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is an expert-driven system that has been applied to numerous fields but has yet to be applied to portfolio selection. This study shows how the AHP can be modeled to effectively assess barriers to cross-border...
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Determinants of Corruption: A Cross-National Analysis
ABSTRACT: The background literature survey points to the fact that the degree of corruption is a function of multiple factors of a society. Thus, it is imperative to take a more comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach to understand the complete...
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Effects of Exchange Rate Uncertainty on Mexican Foreign Trade
ABSTRACT: The behavior of current account balance and the value of the domestic currency has been a focal point of much policy discussion for a long time. Most of the OECD countries have experienced volatile exchange rates as well as current account...
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How Effective Is Arbitrage of Foreign Stocks? the Case of the Malaysia Exchange-Traded Fund
ABSTRACT: Unlike closed-end country funds that usually trade at large premiums to the values of their portfolios, exchange-traded funds facilitate arbitrage to prevent their prices from deviating from their underlying values. However, such arbitrage...
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National Brand Identity & Its Effect on Corporate Brands: The Nation Brand Effect (NBE)
INTRODUCTION"Govern a family as you would cook a small fish: very carefully"-Chinese ProverbThe power of culture, ethos, and just "being" within the living Brand of a nation is something each citizen on earth experiences every day. Yet, few stop to consider...
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Parent-Affiliate Agency Conflicts and Foreign Entry Mode Choice
ABSTRACT: We theoretically identify two levels of agency conflicts related to foreign direct investment (FDI): within a parent firm and between parent(s) and an affiliated firm. For a sample of 182 firms that announced U.S.-related FDIs in 1995, we examine...
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