Critical Survey

Articles from Vol. 17, No. 3, September

Achebe's Spatial Temporalities: Literary Chronotopes in Things Fall Apart and Arrow of God
Human perception is most commonly shaped by the ostensibly 'concrete' nature of things, that is, by their existence at specific moments of time and in particular locations in space. In spite of longstanding philosophical enquiry into the issue of 'whether...
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'After All One Must Know More Than One Sees and One Does Not See a Cube in Its Entirety': Gertrude Stein and Picasso and Cubism
THIS IS THIS DRESS, AIDER. Aider, why aider why whow, whow stop touch, aider whow, aider stop the muncher, muncher munchers. A jack in kill her, a jack in, makes a meadowed king, makes a to let. --Gertrude Stein, Tender...
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Animal Rites: A Reading of Venus and Adonis
From its first publication, Venus and Adonis has elicited unusually disparate readings. Philip Kolin's 1997 collection of the critical history (1) establishes this work as seemingly inexhaustible. Many readers have noted the unusual number of animals...
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'Eros/Thanatos a Pair': The Dialectic of Life and Death in Tony Harrison's Laureate's Block
The dialectic of life and death is a persistent theme in Tony Harrison's poetry. Some of his greatest poems are dominated by this subject: 'A Kumquat for John Keats', 'Cyprus and Cedar', 'The Lords of Life', to name just a few. Critics have repeatedly...
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'One of the Few Books That Doesn't Stink': The Intellectuals, the Masses and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
One of my most cherished mementoes of him is a delicate bottle of Schiaparelli perfume in a fancy pink box made in the shape of a book. On the fly-leaf Aldous wrote, 'For Anita, one of the few books that doesn't stink.' --Anita Loos, memoir of Aldous...
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Rome's Disgrace: The Politics of Rape in Shakespeare's Lucrece
W.B. Yeats's 'Leda and the Swan' is probably the most famous literary rape of the twentieth century: A sudden blow: the great wings beating still Above the staggering girl, her thighs caressed By the dark webs, her nape caught in his bill,...
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